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Meet the Owner


Richmond Va. native, Evita Perkins, now resides in Florida and owns multiple businesses that circles around self-care they include Pearl Direct Teeth Whitening and her featured self-care line Butta Bee’s Naturals.

She began her natural skincare line almost a year ago because she believes that self-care is vital for every human, men and women. She insists that you are unable to give what you don’t have and most of us give a lot to others and don’t properly take care of ourselves.  She knows that individuals must be whole first, before you can give yourself to others.


Evita’s Butta Bee’s line brings natural self-care to you and your family. It is particularly great for babies and those with sensitive skin and eczema. There are zero ingredients in her products that you can’t pronounce and with her enriching body butter fragrances, you will undoubtedly love Butta Bee’s.


She strives to educate all mankind to switch from harmful non-beneficial

lotions or creams, to “greener” products that promote healing of the skin.


Butta Bee’s products deliver remarkable moisturization that penetrates and

absorbs into the skin; Instead of sitting on the top of the skin like other products on the market.






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